Naturally, the outfits need to be right for you. However, they also need to be right for the session. I’m going to talk about clothing choices encouraged for the typical family, maternal, and newborn session. Patterns and prints can be fun in your everyday fashion choice, however, they can be too noisy when it comes to a studio photo shoot. I recommend that the client sticks to solid colored clothing for the session, neutral tones are highly encouraged. 

When it comes to the “don’ts”, like I said prints is one. A few others you should avoid when picking out your outfit(s) are brands and red colored clothing. Brands/logos can really detract the eye from the focal point of the shot (the same I stated about prints/patterns). When it comes to avoiding red colored clothing, it could create a slight reflection of red onto your face/skin that the photo would capture. Bright colors in general can cause that reflection of hue on your skin. So, I encourage avoiding that as well. 

What can you gather from all this? Simply avoid things that are too noisy/distracting from the simple beauty in you, your newborn, and/or your family. Most importantly, wear something that you yourself are comfortable in. Nothing is more important than feeling comfortable in your own skin during a photoshoot.