So, the million dollar question - “Why should I choose A H Photography?” Well, we don’t want to sound like any other photographer out there by saying “We have the skill”, or , “You’ll receive high quality photos!” (even though you definitely will receive gorgeous, high quality, photos). Of course everyone cares about that and of course you will get the heartwarming and jaw dropping photos you were hoping for. However, a big part in getting those photos is providing an experience for you and your adorable little ones. 

Our favorite part is capturing memories for you and your loved ones that you can hold dear for years to come. Now, it’s understandable that some people can be camera shy or simply being in front of a camera feels a little intimidating (I know it is for me). This is where communication comes into play, it makes all the difference to ensure a successful shoot. We, personally, like to help loosen everyone up by asking my clients silly questions for some photos. It gets everyone giggly and more comfortable in their skin. Don’t worry, there’s never a need to feel embarrassed because I’ll still be the biggest goof in the room. Anyway, the purpose in getting everyone to loosen up is so that as we move forward in the session so we can capture truly candid moments that you can cherish. Whether it be as a whole family or you and your significant other, my hope is that you can look at the photos and not only love them but feel warmth (and for the maternity shoot, know that you are beautiful, feel prideful, you're creating life!) That is our goal here at A H Photography, to not only give our clients beautiful photos, but their own memories in a frame.